We're at it again, this year we are asking those in the field of vehicle security, hacking, and mischief to talk about what you've done in front of hundreds of strangers!  Who could ask for more? If this sounds appealing please contact us. All talks are recorded and placed in the DefCon > Car Hacking Village media vault. All talks should be 50 minutes or less.

Please submit your proposal and please include the following:

  • Title of Talk
  • Three ~ Five Sentence Abstract
  • Talk Time 25 or 50 minutes
  • Your Name/Handle
  • Your Email
  • Information we should consider when reviewing your talk

what'S in it for You

We can't promise much, but in the past we have been able to get you a Human Badge for Def Con. Plus each talk will receive a free Car Hacking Village Badge! So submit your talk and we'll make your neck cooler than Detroit in February.