DerbyCon 6

We’re excited to announce that we’ll be participating at DerbyCon 6!

Stop by the villages area and take a seat.  We’ll be a much smaller crew, but we’ll have some fun.

Training – Car Hacking: Hands-On

Automotive OEM, Automotive Supplier, Police/Law Enforcement, Military, Security Professional, Automotive After-Market, Automotive Hobbyist.

Berla’s Head Quarters
2000 Windermere Ct,
Annapolis, MD 21401, USA

October 11-12 (With Optional Add-on Day October 13th.  A custom, hands-on day for a very small group at an additional fee).

Hands-On Vehicle Reverse Engineering and Security Training using Vehicle Simulator Modules.
Today’s vehicles have multiple control modules that are linked via various types of networks. These networks have become pervasive and remain somewhat of an unknown in millions of vehicles on the road today.

This course will be both Lecture and Hands-On with and emphasis on student’s ability to re-create course conditions after they have completed the course.

We will cover the following topics:

  • Introduction to ECUs
  • Introduction to Vehicle Networks
  • Vehicle Sub-Systems Overview
  • Hands-On: Build a CAN Bus
  • CAN Bus Tools
  • Connect to our CAN Bus
  • Break/Fix our CAN Bus
  • View Data
  • Reverse Engineer Data
  • Transmit on our CAN Bus
  • Send Commands on our CAN Bus
  • DoS the Bus
  • Vehicle Immobilizer Systems
  • Intro to V2X Infrastructure
  • Diagnostic Protocol
  • Security Access
  • Device Control
  • Sending Diagnostics Commands
  • Handling Errors
  • Open Hack Controllers
  • and Much More

Learn how vehicle electronic systems work, interconnect, and how to interact with them using vehicle messaging.  Including controlling electronic modules, reverse engineering vehicle messaging, how to read controller memory, and many more advanced techniques.

Please Bring:
Please bring a Laptop running Windows 7 or newer. We will need to install Vehicle Spy application on PCs.  Hardware will be provided, with an option of purchasing hardware when we’re complete.

About the Trainers:
Hosted at Berla Corp HQ, Berla has invited CanBusHack’s Robert Leale is the President and founder of CanBusHack, a company devoted to reverse engineering vehicle systems for various applications including security penetration testing, vehicle data reverse engineering, and other vehicle electronic applications. Robert is the Car Hacking Hands-On trainer at Black Hat and hosts Def Con’s Car Hacking Village. Kristofer Johnson has worked with Robert for over 4 years working side-by-side on training events including Black Hat and numerous other vehicle security training events.  Together they have over 14 years combined in vehicle hacking and reverse engineering.

Berla’s team of digital forensic and cyber security experts stays ahead of the curve providing solutions for extracting data used to solve cases, and preventing vehicle network breaches before they occur.

Optional Add-On Day (Max 6):

  • In-Vehicle Reverse Engineer CAN Bus Messages
  • In-Vehicle Transmit on our CAN Bus
  • In-Vehicle Fuzz For Services, PIDs, Memory Address
  • In-Vehicle Find Fuses
  • In-Vehicle Locate Modules
  • In-Vehicle Read a Wiring Diagram
  • In-Vehicle Pull Trim Pannels
  • In-Vehicle Tap Module Wires, Bypass Gateways


Main Course:

August 15-September 15: $2300
September 16-October 1st: $2500 (Plus Fees)
October 2nd-October 10th: $2900 (Plus Fees)

Eventbrite - Baltimore Car Hacking: Hands-On

Add-On Day (Min 2, Max 6) (Must sign-up for Main Course first):

August 15-September 15: $1300
September 16-October 1st: $1500 (Plus Fees)
October 2nd-October 10th: $1900 (Plus Fees)

Eventbrite - Car Hacking: Hands-On Add-On Day (Main Course Registration Required)

Pre-Purchase Hardware Interface (Not Required but Discounted):

ValueCAN 2 Wire Dual CAN interface: $375
ValueCAN OBDII Cable: $50
neoVI Fire Multi-CAN interface w/OBDII Cable: $1900
neoVI Fire 2 Multi-CAN interface w/OBDII Cable: $2700

Vehicle Spy Professional Software: $2700
Vehicle Spy Basic Software: $950

Car Hacker’s Handbook

Get the book before you arrive.  New 2016 Version!

Car Hacker’s Handbook from OpenGarages


Deker at hacked together a Socket CAN driver for our Car Hacking Village Badge.  Thanks Deker!


The DC24 Badge

Badge DC24

The Badge:

Cost: $50 (Cash and $55 Credit)

Where: At the Car Hacking Village in the Contest and Events Area.

When: Starting Friday at 10:00 until supplies last (So be quick).

Some badges may be available in the Car Hacking Village Vendor area, but we don’t know when exactly.

The badge supports 2x Dual Wire CAN (ISO 11898-2) channels with full gateway support.  Fully-controllable pass-through (pass messages from channel 0 to channel 1, or channel 1 to channel 0), the ability to intercept a message and either modify it contents or “eat it”, and/or change the ID of a message and pass the data through (either altered or unaltered) are supported.  These abilities are a must for serious vehicle hacking, and the badge implementation of PAWN makes this super easy.
The badge also sports a 128×128 color LCD which is fully accessible via the PAWN scripts.  All of the graphics the default demo script has are implemented in PAWN.
The badge has 4 WS2812B RGB LEDs that are also fully accessible via the PAWN scripts.

Now USB is used to both enhance I/O speeds but also to allow for easy reprogramming.  This change will allow anyone to tinker with PAWN, provided they have a micro-USB cable. The full source code for the tools used to load scripts onto the badge are provided in the Badge SDK.  Modifying these tools would allow for you to easily make advanced applications including your own CAN development tools. Just be sure to bring your ARM SWD adapter (ST-Link/Segger/etc.).

NOTE: SDK updated to version 2 on 8/16/2016:

Badge SDK v2

Win7 x64 Driver

SocketBadge v20160819 (SocketCAN Demo)

Fun Pix Project


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